Nearly 1,735,350 adults will be diagnosed with Cancer this year
In 2018 an estimated 609,640 people will die from cancer.
Screening and early diagnosis can make a difference for you and your family
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Pharmaco Genomics

We are a company built on the tenets of quality, prompt service delivery and excellent customer service.

We are poised to continue to deliver exceptional services and clinical insights through genetic testing and pharmacogenetic analysis for proper treatment of critical ailments.

For about a decade, we have led in the area of innovation in genetic testing and pharmacogenetics analysis for early detection and treatment of cancer, identification of gene pool, and the provision of unparalleled clinical insight for the management of terminal conditions.

We are a USA based company and offer NO services outside of North America!

We Offer The Future Of Biotechnology

Genetic Testing

One of the fine points of our service offerings is genetic testing. Our CGx testing service offers a glimpse into the future by checking for possible genetic mutations that can increase a patient’s chance or risk of developing cancer.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing

Pharmacogenetic refers to the study of how people respond to medicines due to their genetic make-up/inheritance. The goal of Pharmacogenetics is to understand how someone’s genetic make-up determines how well a medicine works in his or her body, as well as what side effects are likely to occur.

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